Our Philosophy

Our training philosophy can be described as the continual process of identifying and correcting deficiencies. We all have shortcomings, whether they are related to weakness or inflexibility in different joints or muscles, poor movement skills, or even a problematic attitude. The movements employed in Olympic weightlifting expose all of these to the trained eye, and we have a wide array of tools to address these problems.

Along with strong and balanced 'supporting musculature', flexibility is the key to efficient and safe weightlifting. There are several key deficiencies in this area that must be corrected in nearly every new lifter. Correcting these problems will make anyone healthier, fitter, and less prone to aches and pains or injuries – whether he or she wishes to be a 'lifter' or not.

Consistency is indispensible to improvement in weightlifting; and to be consistent, we must remain healthy and injury-free. This requires diligent attention to technique, programming, recovery, and progression. In line with this, people will progress through the various skills required for Olympic weightlifting only when their bodies and minds are ready. This process may be fast for some and slow for others, but if you are patient and persistent, you will see incredible improvement month after month, year after year.