We are not yet open for business, but expect to be by mid–January. Prices are listed for the information of members, and may be altered prior to opening. Taxes are included in the listed prices.

Club Membership

Club members train 4 times per week for approximately 90 minutes. Scheduling of training times has yet to be determined, and will be adjusted to meet the availability of club members.

Rate Type Weekly
$180 Unlimited Training 4-5 sessions
$140 Limited Training 3 sessions

Personal Training

Personal training sessions will run for at least one hour and are one-on-one with your professional coach for the duration of the session.

$75 / session

Group Training

Group training sessions will run for at least one hour. Groups consist of 2 or more people, depending on scheduling and availability.

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We are here because we want to see people improve. We know how to make this happen, but you need to spend a reasonable amount of time to make it happen. This is why the minimum listed membership is for 3 sessions / week. We are willing to show some flexibility for people with special circumstances, but we want everyone to show some dedication.

At least one personal or group training session may be required before club membership is permitted, to teach the movements and skills that are required. In short, you're going to need a lot of work when you start, and we don't want you to monopolize all the coaching time that you share with other club members during a normal club training session.