Justin Spencer


Justin has been involved in high level sport as an athlete and a coach for many years. This experience includes:

  • 3.5 years spent training under Hani Kanama as an athlete at Kanama High Performance.
  • Has assisted Hani in teaching many weightlifting seminars, workshops, and certification courses.
  • Coaching numerous athletes at many weightlifting competitions, including this year's Ontario Junior Championships.
  • Routine coaching of a variety of 'Regular Joes' and athletes at Kanama High Performance including junior and senior weightlifters, and hockey and rugby players.
  • Many years as a teacher at various hockey schools.
  • Over a dozen 1st place finishes in officially sanctioned weightlifting competitions, including two Ontario championships.
  • Currently the top ranked male weightlifter in Ontario, across all weight classes.
  • 4 years an NCAA division 1 hockey player, and a short stint playing professionally in Europe and the ECHL.

Justin's experience both as a competitor and a coach makes his collaboration and assistance of Jacob's work a huge added benefit to club members.

Hani Kanama

Honorary Coach

Hani is the inspiration behind Kanama High Performance North. He is without a doubt one of the top weightlifting coaches in Canada, and is the head coach and founder of Kanama High Performance – where he trains 'Regular Joes' and athletes including world champion freestyle wrestlers, junior and professional hockey players, provincial and national rugby team members, martial artists, sprinters, crossfit competitors, and ultra-marathon runners... not to mention the top weightlifting team in Ontario, boasting the top junior male, junior female, and senior male lifters in the province. We are also heavily influenced by Hani's ongoing efforts in coaching at-risk youth – many of whom have become weightlifting champions as well as educated, productive, and positive members of their communities.

We have learned a great deal from Hani's approach to training, and we benefit from his continued guidance – as well as the occasional visit.